Although the general term 'theory' is used here, a more appropriate scientific term is 'hypothesis' 

Extreme Lifespans through Perpetual-equalising Interventions (ELPIs)

Elpis is Greek for 'Hope'. The ELPIs theory holds that modern humans have an evolutionary capability of living indefinitely. It may be possible, through appropriate engagement and integration with technology, to activate the biological mechanisms that lead to extreme lifespans, with a trivial rate of ageing.

 "It is nonsensical and counter-intuitive to believe that complex life was created only to end after a set period of time. An intelligent, complex being should be able to live indefinitely, or to put it in another way, it should not be allowed to die through ageing. Otherwise, what is the point of its creating in the first place? However, it is clear that our current, naive attempts at dramatically increasing life-span are doomed to failure. An alternative approach could be based upon completely different and entirely un-indoctrinated ways of thinking. There is an evolutionary impetus to achieve higher complexity in the quickest way possible. Finding ways to enhance this process in humans, will lead to indefinite lifespans."